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In our business department we have a service aimed at foreign companies that operate in Spain or want to start trading with Spanish companies to offer different products or services, both in the imports and exports areas.
We put you in touch with Spanish companies, which have been carefully selected for their reliability and the quality of their products/services in the following domains:


  • All kinds of franchises
  • Building Materials
  • Raw Materials
  • Food
  • Office automation and computing
  • Transport
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Textile
  • Packaging

If you have a Spanish company and want to find customers, partners or suppliers in Morocco, we can help you if you become part of our database through the following link.

Support for Foreign Companies to Operate in SPAIN

Our company makes it easier for you to do business or settle in Spain by putting at your disposal different alternatives:

  • Constitution of a company
  • Opening of branches
  • Limited Liability Entrepreneur
  • Joint venture
  • Acquisition of property
  • Businesses purchase
  • Investment in venture capital entities
  • Distribution agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Commission agreements
  • Franchise
  • Support and legal advice from professional collegiates and highly trained personnel.
  • Support in logistics services, transport, translation, courier services, car rental, catering services, etc. in order to make your daily work easier and more agile.
  • Administrative support so your business does not stop even for a minute.
  • Entrepreneurs’ advice on residence or stay procedures. More information.
  • A vast clientele in the Moroccan market that supports our professional background in the country where we offer accompanying and legalization services, as well as advice on tenders.



Briefly detail the reason for your enquiry and a specialist will contact you.





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