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Perform all kinds of immigration proceedings related to stay and residence procedures in Spain, both for EU and non-EU citizens.
This includes the necessary procedures that must be carried out so that the stay in Spain is not considered irregular, such as extensions of short-term visas and foreign identity cards (for a stay or residence of more than six months), both for the holders as for the relatives.

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At NovaTraducción we offer consultancy services in everything concerning the necessary procedures to reside, study and work in Spain:

  • Employed

The temporary residence and work permit is what an employer or businessman requests to hire a worker that is not staying or residing in Spain.

The task that the worker will perform in the company must be included in the catalogue of difficult-to-cover occupations that the Public Employment Service publishes quarterly.

The employer must submit a signed contract and guarantee the worker a continuous activity during the period of validity of the authorization to reside and work.

Therefore, the employer must have sufficient financial, material or personal means for the business project and to meet the obligations assumed in the contract with the worker.

  • Self-employed

The temporary residence and work permit is granted to the foreigners that are not residing in Spain to carry out a lucrative activity as self-employed. To request it, the following requirements need to be meet:

  1. To have either enough economic investment or a commitment of support from financial institutions or from other sources.
  2. To have an establishment project or an activity to be carried out, indicating the expected investment, it expected profitability and, when applicable, the jobs that are likely to be generated.

The non-lucrative residence visa is a temporary authorization granted to a foreigner who is not a Spanish resident. It must be processed by the foreign citizen in his / her country of origin and it authorizes him/her to reside in Spain without working.

To obtain it, the foreign citizen must have the sufficient financial means to cover the expenses of the stay and return and, when applicable, the expenses of family members.

This initial authorization for temporary residence will last for one year and the term will begin on the date on which the foreign citizen has entered into Spain.

Stay for research or educational purposes, student mobility, internships,  and volunteering. The study permit is an authorization that enables you to stay in Spain for a period longer than ninety days in order to complete or expand the studies in an authorized educational institution in Spain, in a full-time program, that allows to obtain a degree or certificate of studies.

  • Long-term residence in Spain

This authorizes to reside and work in Spain under the same conditions as Spaniards. It is a five-year card.

  • EU long-term residence

This one authorizes to reside and work in Spain indefinitely under the same conditions as Spaniards and it grants the possibility of obtaining the residence or the residence and work permit in other Member States of the European Union, under the conditions that the aforementioned States determine.

  • Ownership recovery of a Spanish long-term or EU long-term residence

It can be recovered once it has expired due to the absence from the European Union’s territory during 12 consecutive months, due to the acquisition of a EU long-term residence in another Member State or when the long-term foreigner citizen returns to Spain once finished the period of their commitment of not to return –this one is for the first option stated above- and when the EU long-term residence permit expires for ramaining for more than six years outside the Spanish territory.

A residence permit can be granted to minors who are children of foreigners that are legally residing in Spain and that were not born in the aforementioned country, as well as minors legally under the custody of a Spanish citizen or institution or under a foreigner who resides legally in Spain. It also includes those children who were born in Spain to a foreigner who is legally residing in the aforementioned country.

The children who were born in Spain and whose parents (mother or father) has been granted with the refugee status or are beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, can either decide between applying for the family extension of international protection or for the residence permit, always taking into a count the best interests of the child.

Foreigners who reside legally in Spain may request the corresponding visa as long as they make a significant capital investment in Spain.

It is considered that a significant investment of capital has been made when it meets the following requirements:

An initial investment with a value equal to or in excess of:

  • €2 million in Spanish public debt securities,
  • €1 million in company shares or stock of Spanish capital companies, or bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions,
  • €1 million  in investment funds, closed-end investment funds or venture capital funds constituted in Spain,
  • €1 million in bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions.
  • The acquisition of real estate in Spain with an investment value equal to or in excess of €500.000 for each applicant.
  • business plan to be developed in Spain considered and proved as a general interest, for which compliance with at least one of the following conditions will be evaluated:
    • Jobs creation.
    • Realization of an investment with relevant socio-economic impact in the geographical area in which the activity is to be developed.
    • Relevant contribution to scientific and/or technological innovation.

Visa and residence permit for entrepreneurs:

An entry and residence visa, as well as a residence permit  for all those entrepreneurs who carry out an innovative activity in Spain with a special economic interest for the country. Applicants must be in possession of a favourable report from the General Administration of the state.


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