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We carry out all types of proceedings related to the acquisition of the Spanish nationality and its retrieval in case you have lost it. We also manage the appropriate records in order to acquire the Spanish nationality by residence, whose necessary periods range from one to ten years, depending on the personal circumstances, the origin and family ties. The other option to obtain the nationality is by option, by naturalization papers or by possession of status.


At NOVATRADUCCION we place at your disposal qualified and collegiate professionals that will help you to obtain the the Spanish nationality, both for you and your relatives, or for those people with whom you maintain a stable sentimental bond.
We put at your disposal anything you may require (educational material, teachers, premises, multimedia content, etc.) to pass the tests of citizenship and knowledge of the Spanish language.
The ways to acquire this nationality are:

Nationality by Option is a benefit that is granted to foreigners who meet certain requirements.

The following shall be entitled to acquire Spanish nationality by option:

– Those people who are or have been subject to the parental authority of a Spaniard.

– Persons whose father or mother was Spanish and was born in Spain.

– Persons whose birth in Spain or parentage is determined (determination of parentage means establishing who a person’s parents are) after they are eighteen years old. In this case, the deadline for opting for Spanish nationality is two years after the parentage or birth has been determined.

– In this case, the period to apply for nationality is two years from the date when the filiation or birth is determined.

– Those persons whose adoption by Spaniards took after the age of eighteen. In this case, the right to opt exists for two years after the adoption has been formalized.

The nationality by residence is granted to those who have been residing for:

  • 10 years in Spain.
  • 5 years in the case of refugees
  • 2 years in the case of nationals of Ibero-American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, Portugal or people of Sephardic origin
  • 1 year and if they were born on Spanish territory:
    • Those who did not exercise their right to acquire the nationality by option
    • Those who have been legally subject to Spanish guardianship or foster care.
    • Those who have been married to a Spanish citizen for a year
    • widowers and those born outside Spain and that have ancestors of Spanish origin.
This form of acquiring nationality is ex gratia and is not subject to the general rules of administrative procedure.

The nationality by naturaization is granted, discretionally, through a Royal Decree by the Government, after examining the concurrence of exceptional circumstances.

In the event that you have acquired Spanish nationality by naturalisation card, you must:

-Swear or promise loyalty to the King and obedience to the Constitution and the laws.

-Declare that you renounce to your previous nationality, except if you have the nationality of any of the Ibero-American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea or Portugal.

The Spanish Nationality will be entitled to those who have owned and used the Spanish nationality during  an uninterrupted  period of 10 years, in good faith, based on a Civil Registry Record.

The person concerned must have maintained an active attitude regarding said possession and use of the Spanish nationality, which means that he or she must have behaved himself/herself as a Spaniard, both in exercising his/her rights and fulfilling his/her duties as regards the authorities of Spain.

Obtaining the Spanish nationality: CCSE and DELE A2 exams

In order to obtain the Spanish nationality, is mandatory to pass the following exams:

– The exam necessary to obtain the Spanish Diploma DELE A2 level or higher. (Only mandatory for non-Spanish speakers candidates).

– The CCSE exam (constitutional and cultural knowledge of Spain), which certifies the knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and the Spanish social and cultural reality.

We can help you to successfully pass both of the tests. Ask us.


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