We assist you in your daily professional and business life.
While you manage your business, our professionals deal with the legal aspects related to your activity, as well as other aspects necessary to operate (sworn translations, insurance, etc.).

We place at your disposal lawyers and expert advisors who will help you solve all kinds of legal, tax accounting, labour, administrative or immigration matters.
We resolve issues related to taxes, social security, your employees (hiring, dismissals, etc.), your relations with the administration, customers and suppliers; business premises; vehicles affected by the activity (sanctions, resources, and procedures), franchises, patents and trademarks.

On the other hand, we also offer translation services and dealings and procedures to facilitate your day-to-day activity.

  • Legal consultancy. Study and updating of company obligations (tax accounting, labour, LOPD (Data protection Law), municipal permits, risk prevention, money laundering law, etc.)
  • Responsibilities. Advice on the legal risks that the employer/professional may carry in the performance of their activity. Defense before them.
  • Entrepreneurs. Business plan, marketing plan, selection of legal form, subsidies and grants etc.
  • Taxation – Taxes: tax obligations, tax inspections, sanctioning procedures and all types of certificates issued by the “AEAT” (tax agency, to be up to date with payments, contractors and subcontractors)
  • Tax accounting. Advisory and accounting management of companies, according to the General Accounting Plan, optimizing your tax and accounting benefits: accounting, annual accounts, analysis of status, issuance of reports, etc.
  • Trade. Incorporation of companies, corporate operations, preparation and drafting of meeting minutes, management of unpaid debts, contracts, books, etc.
  • Labour and Social Security. Obligations before “RETA” (affiliation, registration and cancellation, contribution, collection of fees), benefits (temporary disability, permanent disability, retirement, etc.), the dependent self-employed, procedures before labour inspectorate and Social Security (collection, quotation and management)
  • Employees. Hiring workers, dismissals, labour inspections, payroll and social insurance.
  • Insurance Offer. Study of company’s obligations and seek the best offer (Civil Liability, multi-peril company, collective agreements, etc.), and also being able to manage the mortgage’s insurance, professional liability and any others you may require.
  • Premises and Establishment. Lease or purchase agreements, (pre-contract, earnest money agreement, hidden defects, defaults, taxation, guarantees and deposit, rent update, eviction, etc.), works, business activity licence and opening license applications, insurance of the premise/s , etc.
  • Relations with the administration. Licenses, asset liability, inspection and sanction proceedings, fines and sanctions, appeals (against notices of seizure, claims of files, etc.)
  • Relations with customers and suppliers. Commercial contracts, consumer complaints, telephone and internet service providers, e-commerce of goods and services.
  • Vehicle affected by the activity. Sanctions, resources, merchanting, etc.
  • Intellectual property and industrial property. Trademark registration, patents, trade name, image rights, conflicts between trademarks and domain names, copyright claims, etc.
  • Defense, filing of complaints and advice. Liability and damages, mediation and arbitration, negotiations with the opposite party.


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